This website does not only address anthropology lovers. I have spent some years in the academic ivory tower by now, where I feel somewhat at home - at least most of the time. But the journalist in me still seeks alternative channels through which to share my thoughts with everyone who is as curious as me about all the odd little things we do on a daily basis and that we consider to be banal. I find that they offer fascinating insights into what connects us as humans and, equally, how we produce disconnects. The idea behind this blog is to convey them by drawing inspiration from everyday experiences and different thinkers - but without theoretical heft. That said, I would like to invite digital visitors to browse through my blog content on a variety of topics around 'ordinary phenomena', which reveal so much about how we see and navigate the various spaces we find ourselves in. You can find out a little more about myself by taking a scroll through my publications and CV. Also check out my blog contributions for South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS), a platform for sharing personal records of early career academics.